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Last updated on July 22, 2013

Jan 19, 2022

Welcome to littlemy.net a neat little spot for the free spirits.

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Lill's Country House

Lills hus på landet


LittleMy's verden (blog)

iPhone & Hipstamatic Pics (blog)

Lill's DVD Collection

LittleMy's Poem Page

Min sandkasse (lek med Muse)

Over The Rainbow

Winnie the-Pooh


Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, "Where have I gone wrong?"
Then a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night."

Charlie Brown, (Peanuts; Charles Schulz)

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littlemy.net has various sorts of web pages you can visit. Some of these pages have links to odd friends and amusing people around the globe.

Home Page in English

[When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on.
Don't let yourself go, everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes.]

littlemy.net's owner.
As the owner of littlemy.net I have of course made most of the pages here. If you are interested in knowing who I am and what my interests are, you can either visit my English home pages at Lill's Country House or see the Norwegian section below for my Norwegian pages.

Various Stuff

Fluff and stuff
If you have a thing about wise quotes, a Poohbear quote page should be the right place to visit, don't you think? Not big, maybe - but wise. :-)

Scrapbook pages
I constantly make scrapbook pages from pictures of my children. I have made a few scrapbook pages that I would like to share. They are all for free and can be used whatever way you choose. Be aware that the page may need some time to load.

Fast dreams and stuff
Or what about taking a look at a nice little pussy cat? A dream come true, but then again also a dream lost.

Films and stuff
If you are interested in movies and (some) music, take a look at Lill's DVD Collection.

Sider på norsk

LittleMy.nets eier
Jeg har både norske og engelske hjemmesider. De norske heter Lills hus på landet, og skal ha tilnærmet samme innhold som de engelske. For lettvinthets skyld er likevel noe av innholdet her også på engelsk.

En adopsjonsdagbok
Jeg har laget en litt spesiell dagbok med tanker omkring noe som opptar meg svært mye, nemlig adopsjon. Les dagboken jeg skrev da vi holdt på med vår første adopsjon, prossesen frem mot det beste som har hendt oss; Ruben.

Lills hjemmesideskole
Jeg lagde en hjemmesideskole som avsluttende prosjektarbeid da jeg holdt på med videreutdannelse i IT for lærere studieåret 1999/2000. Selv om siden er out of date lar jeg den ligge. :-)

Lills CV
Denne har neppe interesse for så særlig mange, men en dag kan den sikkert komme til nytte. :-D

External Links

An old friend of mine, Gina, also has her own domain. Please visit her at ginas.net!

This is my sister's web pages. Please visit her at www.abnordheim.no. If you need advice on e.g. legal matters, her pages are the ones to visit. Her pages are in Norwegian and I have designed them.

More links
See also more external links at my bookmark page or while visiting the various home pages hosted by littlemy.net.



I couldn't help it.
I can resist everything except temptation.

(Oscar Wilde 1854-1900)


'Neath an avalanche - soft as moss
I'm a creeping and intangible sense of loss
I'm the memory you can't get out your head
If I leave you now
You'll wish you were somewhere else instead

I'm the manta ray - I'm the louse
I am a photograph they found in your burned out house
I'm the sound of money washing down the drain
I am the pack of lies baby that keeps you sane

Gates of Heaven are open wide
God help me baby I'm trapped inside
Feel like I'm buried alive

I'm the bottom line - of the joke
I am ecstasy - spilling like bright egg yolk
I'm the thoughts you're too ashamed to ever share
And I am the smell of it - you're trying to wash out of you hair

Gates of Heaven are open wide
God help me baby I'm lost inside
Feel like I'm buried alive

Possibilities limitless
Just give me something that's more than this
One shot and I'll never miss

I'm the babe that sleeps through the blitz
I am a sudden and quite unexpected twist
I am your one true love who sleeps with someone else
I am your nemesis
Baby I'm life sweet life itself
yeah [3x]

David Gray

Want to read poems?
You'll find quite a few at LittleMy'sPoem Page.


Good Song Lines

My brain gets tired some times,
ragged and worn.
I have to surrender
to be born.

(Luka Bloom; Sanas)

Strange Boat

We're sailing in a strange boat
Heading for a strange shore
We're sailing in a strange boat
Heading for a strange shore
Carrying the strangest cargo that was ever hold aboard

We're sailing on a strange sea
Blown by a strange wind
We're sailing on a strange sea
Blown by a strange wind
Carrying the strangest crew that's ever seen

We're riding in a strange car
We're following a strange star
We're climbing on the strangest ladder
that was ever there to climb

We're living in a strange time
Working for a strange goal
We're living in a strange time
We're working for a strange goal
We're turning flesh and body into soul

Mike Scott/The Waterboys

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